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Accelerate development of enterprise AI applications, and reduce total cost of AI solutions.

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Help organizations boost development of their AI-driven products.


We merge big data, ai tools and predictive analytics for custom healthcare solutions.

Aibolit is more than just a set of technology solutions. it is an ecosystem platform that synergistically merges expertise of ai experts, data scientists, advanced mathematicians, highly skilled software engineers and top-tier medical specialists across the world.

Such synergy helps develop custom ai solutions, which, on the one hand, meet the needs of engineering efficiency, augmentability and safety, while, on the other hand, are designed in close cooperation with medical experts.

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AIBOLIT is more than just a set of technology solutions. It is an Ecosystem platform that synergistically merges expertise of AI experts, data scientists, advanced mathematicians, highly skilled software engineers and top-tier medical specialists across the world.

When cooperating with us, you get access to our ecosystem:

A network of professionals with deep knowledge of Med-tech and vast experience in machine learning, parallel computing and software development

A vast array of unique medical cases from real-life diagnostic and therapeutic practice stored in the depersonalized library for business, educational and scientific purposes

MultiGPU-accelerated containers for deep learning software and HPC apps that allow data scientists to set up, run and scale deep learning experiments

The key steps of developing a custom AI healthcare solution using aibolit platform include:

proof of concept

Clients often think about AI in their products to solve a specific problem or a set of problems. We can help understand what value AI can bring to your business and give quick feedback. With the concepts approved, our engineers work to prove the approach to solve the problem and build an AI prototype according to fundamental requirements.


infrastructure & data collection management

A complete AI solution development starts with infrastructure and data management. AIBOLIT Platform data collection is based on Microsoft cloud technologies. Our cloud storage repository is easily expandable, HIPAA-compliant and supports all popular medical image file formats (like DICOM, NIfTI, MINC). Our web services enable access to upload, view and process data anytime and anywhere, while providing an easy and robust environment for medical data visualization, analysis and statistics. The role-based system of the platform enables users to access only data they have permission to – while increasing usability and safety. Our cloud experts can help upload your data to AIBOLIT platform and create an environment for ML.


ml development

AIBOLIT ecosystem enables to create algorithms, build and test ML models much faster and more effective. Our experts can provide full cycle custom AI development or can assist your in-house team at any stage.


integration & custom apps development

Obviously, the key steps of custom AI solution development are data management, development of algorithms and models, but this cannot live apart from the real world. On the practical level, implementation of comprehensive AI solutions includes design, development, integration and support of custom apps to make an effective use of AI for your business. Our development team provide cost effective and scalable services in building and deploying enterprise level applications.

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