Building AI Solutions
To Accelerate The Future Of Surgery

Accelerating development of cost-effective AI applications

Addressing real surgical problems

Customizing AI solutions for unique environments


We merge big data, AI tools and predictive analytics to create advanced AI solutions for real surgical and medical problems.

Aibolit is more than just a set of technological products. It is an ecosystem that synergistically merges the expertise of AI professionals, data scientists, advanced mathematicians, highly skilled software engineers and top-tier surgical and medical specialists.

Our synergy helps us build advanced AI solutions, designed with extensive input from surgeons and medical experts to address daunting surgical and medical issues, while meeting the needs of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, augmentability, safety, security and customization for everyone involved.

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Big Data

A vast amount of anonymized, classified, and easily searchable surgical and medical information from real-life diagnostic and therapeutic practices is stored in our library for rapid development and product optimization purposes.

AI-ready Infrastructure

Proprietary data markup tools and MultiGPU-accelerated containers for deep learning software and HPC apps that allow data scientists to set up, run, and scale deep learning experiments.

Adaptive AI Embedded Apps

The key steps of our AI solution development include rapid data optimization and labeling, selection and development of the most suitable algorithms and models, as well as a custom integration along with continuous system optimization and model training to assure superior product performance in every unique environment.

Artificial Intelligence

100+ unique, pre-trained models and mathematical algorithms allow us to address the most challenging intra-operative issues, perform the enhanced surgical operations with assistance from artificial intelligence and mixed reality systems, help monitor a patient’s condition, markedly accelerate analysis of complex medical data, and address many other challenging surgical and medical problems.

Deep Domain Expertise

An extensive network of professionals with deep knowledge of medical technologies and healthcare as well as vast experiences in machine learning, parallel computing and software development.


We build adaptive AI applications to help solve real medical and surgical problems, enable new minimally invasive surgical treatments and facilitate surgical decision-making.

Our AI-powered products are designed with extensive input from surgeons to help improve workflows, preoperative preparation and intra-operative decision-making.

Advanced, high-resolution, intra-operative visualization is at the core of state of the art and future minimally invasive surgical operations.

We analyze complex surgical video in real time using artificial intelligence and perioperative clinical information to assist surgeons in minimizing intra-operative complications.

We are focused on improving outcomes and making patient care more affordable.

Some Of Our Products

Aibolit Predict

AI prediction and early identification of anatomical structures.

Aibolit Video Enhancer

AI powered smoke removal and video optimization.

Aibolit 3D+

AI powered manipulable 3D imaging

Aibolit Surgery in Mixed Reality

AI powered surgery with HoloLens


To operate optimally, there are typically unique technological, workflow and other requirements that need to be fulfilled for the AI product. Therefore, we provide a full scope of customization services to our customers so our AI products can excel in their performance.

Here are some examples of the customization services we provide:

Endoscopic 4K video analysis in real time
Automatic AI powered perioperative 3D+ modeling
Intraoperative surgical guidance

Data annotation and management
Perioperative 3D+ modeling
Custom AI applications

Image and video data anonymization
Image and video data optimization
Annotated image and video data for specific applications

Technological AI readiness
Support of AI system implementation
Continuous optimization and model training



We welcome medical professionals, AI experts, research institutions and strategic partners to join us in creating innovative AI solutions for better medicine. Please contact us if you're interested in contributing to our research or to develop new AI products with us.


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